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5 Reasons To Use Facebook Analytics For Apps

July 9th, 2015 Posted by Analytics, Facebook Marketing, Mobile No Comment yet

app imageIn the digital era it is no longer about linear advertising; it is about getting the right ads, or apps in front of users at the opportune time. A study done by Google this year called “Consumers in the Micro-Moment” sites the importance of brands being visible in the moment. Society’s mobile connectivity has lead shoppers to be impulsive, making purchases 60% faster than previous years, because of online research. In fact, often users will be on their mobile devices while browsing in store in order to evaluate online reviews and competitor pricing. (more…)

The Facebook Marketing Bidding War: CPM Versus oCPM

October 10th, 2014 Posted by Facebook Marketing, Pay Per Click No Comment yet

A Comparative Examination of CPC, CPA, CPM and oCPM Bidding on Facebook:

CPM Versus oCPM Facebook offers a myriad of options for marketing your brand on their social media site. Currently, there are five central forms of Facebook advertisements offered: Marketplace Ads, Sponsored Stories, Sponsored Results, Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads. After the form of advertising is chosen the next crucial decision is how to promote your advertisement in order to align with your brand’s ambitions. At first glance deciding which option will be the most aptly paired with what you value to get out of SEM can seem overwhelming, as Facebook offers four different bidding models to choose from, making ample marketing possibilities. The purpose of this blog post is to dispel those sentiments by providing a comparative breakdown so that you can make an informed decision on which of the four bidding models best suits your needs.