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How Will Ad-Blocking Software Affect Digital Advertising?  

February 20th, 2016 Posted by Ad Words, Content, Facebook Marketing, Mobile, Pay Per Click No Comment yet

Stop Signs

Society is getting increasingly tech savvy, resulting in a larger number of people finding ways around traditional digital marketing tactics such as pop up ads, display ads, and even PPC advertising. (more…)

Create Advertisements for the Micro-Moment

July 31st, 2015 Posted by Ad Words, Mobile, Pay Per Click No Comment yet

micro-moments In our fast growing technical age people are no longer visiting the Internet; they are living on the Internet. The Internet has become such a known place that its use has become mundane, with users seeking out answers to impulsive burning questions one minute, and simple everyday how-to videos the next. The Internet has become so all-encompassing that Google is now studying these everyday impulse queries and categorizing them as “micro-moments.” (more…)

Maximize Your Conversions Using Attribution Models & Split Funnel Perspective

June 26th, 2014 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

Google One question that resonates today in the world of online marketing is “which metrics matter?” Studying the pathway each consumer takes to a conversion (also known as the funnel)  is a strategy taken by attribution models in order to answer this question. Attribution models weight each of the touchpoints along the way to a conversion in order to improve results while creating better performing and more effectively financed campaigns. By comparing metrics from different marketing channels based on clicks, organic web searches, social media, advertisements, and web visits, attribution models can help your company understand why consumers first visited your site and what influenced them to make that conversion. (more…)