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How Will Ad-Blocking Software Affect Digital Advertising?  

February 20th, 2016 Posted by Ad Words, Content, Facebook Marketing, Mobile, Pay Per Click No Comment yet

Stop Signs

Society is getting increasingly tech savvy, resulting in a larger number of people finding ways around traditional digital marketing tactics such as pop up ads, display ads, and even PPC advertising. (more…)

Create Advertisements for the Micro-Moment

July 31st, 2015 Posted by Ad Words, Mobile, Pay Per Click No Comment yet

micro-moments In our fast growing technical age people are no longer visiting the Internet; they are living on the Internet. The Internet has become such a known place that its use has become mundane, with users seeking out answers to impulsive burning questions one minute, and simple everyday how-to videos the next. The Internet has become so all-encompassing that Google is now studying these everyday impulse queries and categorizing them as “micro-moments.” (more…)

Ensure ROIs with Programmatic Buying

April 8th, 2015 Posted by Facebook Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Pay Per Click No Comment yet

Programmatic Buying RTB

The media buying and advertising scene is not what it was a decade ago. As the Internet has grown to accommodate Social Media Advertising, and Mobile Internet browsing has surpassed Desktop Internet browsing, the landscape of media buying has been adapting to match users’ with the right products, through programmatic buying. (more…)

The Facebook Marketing Bidding War: CPM Versus oCPM

October 10th, 2014 Posted by Facebook Marketing, Pay Per Click No Comment yet

A Comparative Examination of CPC, CPA, CPM and oCPM Bidding on Facebook:

CPM Versus oCPM Facebook offers a myriad of options for marketing your brand on their social media site. Currently, there are five central forms of Facebook advertisements offered: Marketplace Ads, Sponsored Stories, Sponsored Results, Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads. After the form of advertising is chosen the next crucial decision is how to promote your advertisement in order to align with your brand’s ambitions. At first glance deciding which option will be the most aptly paired with what you value to get out of SEM can seem overwhelming, as Facebook offers four different bidding models to choose from, making ample marketing possibilities. The purpose of this blog post is to dispel those sentiments by providing a comparative breakdown so that you can make an informed decision on which of the four bidding models best suits your needs.


Generate Better Leads With Pay Per Click Marketing

July 17th, 2014 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

PPCIn the last decade the buying process has been revolutionized by an increase in advertising platforms. Consumers are making more educated purchases by actively seeking out information on desired products online through search engines. Now more than ever it is crucial for companies to rank in both the organic and paid listings.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is a process where advertisers bid on targeted keywords and only pay when their advertisements are clicked. Even when companies rank well for organic searches, PPC advertisements remain listed above the organic rankings on search sites. Ranking well organically as well as with PPC advertising will create a strong ROI, while generating even stronger leads. (more…)

Maximize Your Conversions Using Attribution Models & Split Funnel Perspective

June 26th, 2014 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

Google One question that resonates today in the world of online marketing is “which metrics matter?” Studying the pathway each consumer takes to a conversion (also known as the funnel)  is a strategy taken by attribution models in order to answer this question. Attribution models weight each of the touchpoints along the way to a conversion in order to improve results while creating better performing and more effectively financed campaigns. By comparing metrics from different marketing channels based on clicks, organic web searches, social media, advertisements, and web visits, attribution models can help your company understand why consumers first visited your site and what influenced them to make that conversion. (more…)

Getting The Most Out Of Google Display

April 6th, 2014 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

Calculate ROI Through AnalyticsGoogle Search and Google Display work together to help marketers increase conversions in Google AdWords campaigns. Google’s Display Network is huge, with more than 4 billion daily page views, 700 million users each month, and it reaches more than 80% of the online audience However, there are many marketers who fail with Google display marketing which is mainly due to trying to reach incorrect goals, or they do not understand how all the targeting options work. To effectively manage a Google Display Campaign, there are a number of important factors to consider. The following is a list of strategies to help you get the most out of your Google Display Campaigns:

Keyword Performance: When using keywords in display ads, all the keywords are treated as broad match. Therefore, if you just copy over your search campaigns, you will take out duplicate keywords, even if there is more than one match type. This is because they will be read as the same keyword. Phrase match gives you much more control over your ads than Broad match.

How Does Remarketing Really Work

March 23rd, 2014 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

remarketing cycleRemarketing is a highly effective tool for marketers. Remarketing involves banner ads that target users after they have visited a business’ website. For instance, if you visit and then go to another site,, you might see an banner ad. Knowing how remarketing works and how your company can start using it will help you create and implement a successful remarketing strategy.

Google’s New In Market Buyers

November 18th, 2013 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

google in market buyersGoogle has said that they have figured out how to identify consumers who want to make a purchase. Now, Google has begun introducing In-Market Buyers,’ a targeting feature on the Google Display Network in AdWords which is listed under ‘Interest Categories.’

In-Market Buyers segments recognize visitors whose site visit patterns suggest they are getting ready to make a purchase. The In-Market Buyer option is specifically designed to help advertisers reach only visitors who appear to be in buying mode. It is Google’s first try at making ROI a main focus of advertising on the Google Display Network.

AdRank An AdWords Concept

November 1st, 2013 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

adrankGoogle recently announced changes on how AdRank is being determined. In AdWords, AdRank is essential for determining how your ads are displayed in a SERP. That is, where your ad shows on the page in relation to other ads. As well, AdRank is critical for your cost-per-click calculation. The following is an outline of what you should know about AdRank:

Basic AdRank Concept:

AdRank = CPC Bid X Quality Score

AdRank determines the order in which competing ads should be ranked on a SERP. The best combined CPC Bid X Quality Score gets the best position. Your Quality Score is a measurement of how relevant and useful your keyword, ad text, and landing page are to what a user is searching for. AdRank plays a critical role in calculating the cost-per-click an advertiser’s competitors pay when a person clicks on their ads.