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What You Need To Know About the New Twitter Buy Button

September 19th, 2014 Posted by Mobile, Social No Comment yet

Twitter's New Buy ButtonWhat is the Buy Button?

Social Media has been an important venue for online marketers to gain followers, and improve brand awareness with the ultimate goal of converting social followers to educated buyers. Marketing executives have invested money into social media campaigns without a clearly defined ROI based on their efforts – but that might be about to change. In an attempt to mobilize its large amount of users, Facebook the social media juggernaut, experimented with a Buy Button, giving users the opportunity to make purchases tailored to their interests online directly from the social site. (more…)

Inbound Marketing Buzz Terms

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Inbound-MarketingWhat is Inbound Marketing?

 Inbound marketing is a strategy that has developed to overcome the shortcomings of outbound marketing and mass marketing in general. The key pillars of inbound marketing are meant to create useful content in order to attract people to your site and then foster that relationship to turn visits into happy customers. (more…)