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Google’s New In Market Buyers

November 18th, 2013 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

google in market buyersGoogle has said that they have figured out how to identify consumers who want to make a purchase. Now, Google has begun introducing In-Market Buyers,’ a targeting feature on the Google Display Network in AdWords which is listed under ‘Interest Categories.’

In-Market Buyers segments recognize visitors whose site visit patterns suggest they are getting ready to make a purchase. The In-Market Buyer option is specifically designed to help advertisers reach only visitors who appear to be in buying mode. It is Google’s first try at making ROI a main focus of advertising on the Google Display Network.

AdRank An AdWords Concept

November 1st, 2013 Posted by Pay Per Click No Comment yet

adrankGoogle recently announced changes on how AdRank is being determined. In AdWords, AdRank is essential for determining how your ads are displayed in a SERP. That is, where your ad shows on the page in relation to other ads. As well, AdRank is critical for your cost-per-click calculation. The following is an outline of what you should know about AdRank:

Basic AdRank Concept:

AdRank = CPC Bid X Quality Score

AdRank determines the order in which competing ads should be ranked on a SERP. The best combined CPC Bid X Quality Score gets the best position. Your Quality Score is a measurement of how relevant and useful your keyword, ad text, and landing page are to what a user is searching for. AdRank plays a critical role in calculating the cost-per-click an advertiser’s competitors pay when a person clicks on their ads.