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Optimizing Google Match Types

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match typesAlthough keywords are the backbone of any Google AdWords campaign, it is very important to optimize the match types of those keywords for not just better conversions, but also to help reduce costs. To help you with your AdWords campaigns, below is a list of tips on optimizing Google match types:

For Broad Match Modifier (BMM) Keywords, Avoid Including All Variations Of Keywords

You should have all your main keywords and variations in Exact Match. Do not begin with the use of phrase match, and use only BMM for first time or rare long-tail searches, including your keywords. Don. t add plural and singular unless it is an important keyword. The BMM type will ensure your ads are shown. As well, it will allow your Automated Rules, Third Party Software, or AdWords Scripts to do your bid management.

Dynamic Remarketing From AdWords

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dynamic remarketingMore PPC Marketers are now taking advantage of Remarketing from Google AdWords. Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who have previously visited your site as they browse the Web. Recently, Google has jumped on the retargeting bandwagon and released ‘Dynamic Remarketing,’ which is their own version of re-targeting.

Dynamic remarketing allows you to automatically create customized ads that connect with users by reminding them of items they have previously viewed or purchased on your site and then suggest other products they might like. Building ads for your dynamic remarketing campaign is an easy process that is built into the campaign setup in AdWords.

Boosting CTR in Adwords

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better CTRClick Through Rate (CTR) is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown. A high CTR is a good indication that users view the ads as relevant and helpful. CTR also contributes to your keyword’s Quality Score which can affect your ad position and costs. Boosting your CTR in Adwords is easier than you may think. You just need to know the key methods to optimizing your Adwords campaigns which will not only boost your CTR, but also help you lower your costs.

Importance of Long Tail Keywords: You get will get a higher CTR with a lower bid wen you use long tail keywords. People who click on your ad will be really interested in what you are offering. The long tail keywords are less competitive.which lowers your costs because bids will be lower.

Most Overlooked WordPress Development Concerns

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wordpress securityAs an open source CMS powered by MySQL and PHP, WordPress is often used as a blog publishing application. Although WordPress development has provided an immense amount of flexibility for people looking to extend the platform, there are a number of overlooked WordPress development concerns that you should be aware of before you either get started with WordPress or you are trying to resolve any problems that have occurred with your existing platform.

jQuery: There can be serious problems if you load your own copy of jQuery. For instance, sometimes new theme and plugin developers will load their own copy of jQuery, and they de-register the one that comes with WordPress. By doing so, there is a risk of severing many different types of javascript in other plugins and themes. To avoid this, use the copy that comes with your WordPress.

Vulnerability To SQL Injection Attacks: Not escaping user input in SQL can increase vulnerability to SQL Injection Attacks which is a common way to exploit web application vulnerabilities. Failing to properly sanitize and validate data can result in MySQL injections and cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. The remedy is to sanitize user input and then encode it on output for display in order to minimize XSS vulnerabilities. A good plugin should adhere to best practices on data sanitation and validation.

Measuring ROI In Google Analytics

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roiThere are changes with the new version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 5, which can be found by clicking on the New Version link in the top right of your Google Analytics dashboard. One important change is the new setup features for social media ROI measurement. The following article is a helpful guide on Measuring ROI in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Setup Goals

The first task is to setup your goals in Google Analytics. A completed goal, for example, can be when a person visits a particular webpage or when a person performs an action such as making a purchase. By setting up goals, you are able to track activities such as: clicks on an affiliate link to a product on another site, fills out a form, clicks on a link to your social profile, subscribes to a newsletter, etc.