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The Global Explosion in Mobile Ad Spending

April 26th, 2013 Posted by Mobile No Comment yet

mobile ad spending 2013Companies world-wide already know how to work the regular channels of advertising: print, television, and online. However, there is a new type of advertising that’s becoming not so much of a luxury, but a necessity: mobile ad spending. To date, there has been astounding growth in both the Canadian and American markets of mobile ad spending, especially between 2011 to present. Advertisers have discovered that with the advent of smartphone technology, more and more people are connecting to the internet while on the go. What does this mean? Mobile ad spending is on the increase and its here to stay.

What exactly is a mobile ad? Think of it as a regular ad that you’d see online-perhaps a sidebar with a message from several companies, with a display, search, or messaging formats. This technique has been honed to perfection by corporate giants such as Google and is seen on a variety of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Although mobile ad spending has not yet eclipsed online ad spending, its growth has been exponential.

Tips on Optimization for a Mobile Website

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mobile site optimizationIf your business does not have a mobile strategy in place, you need to optimize for mobile so you get the most benefit from the mobile wave. To help ensure success, below is a list of tips on optimization for a mobile website.

Create a Simple, Consistent Mobile Site: Because mobile screens are much smaller to navigate, you must provide the user with only essential information. The information should be clear, not stuffed with content. Prioritize the content that users require the most. The landing page should be concise and clear. Such features as menu options should be consistent throughout the site.
Make a straightforward path to the action you want visitors to take such as submit, download, buy, etc. Keep the steps involved from the entry point to purchase simple.

Untangling Google Analytics Visitor Flow

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flow visualizationUsing Google Analytics Visitor’s Flow feature is a very valuable tool to visualize the path your visitors take on your website.

Visitor’s Flow can give you an excellent visual about how your site visitors navigate through your site. On Google Analytics’ official site, they state, “Visitor Flow is a graphical representation of the paths visitors took through your site, from the source through the various pages, and where along their paths they exited your site.” The visualizations allow you to see the following:

Google Authorship and SEO

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Google Authorship SEOToday, it is much easier to steal an author’s online work. Anything written online is fair game for content thieves. All that a person has to do is highlight the text or graphic, and then copy and paste it. However, internet content producers now have Google Authorship for some protection from online plagiarists. It is also a good tool to increase search engine authority.

Google Authorship is like a type of copyright as the author’s online work from a website, tweet, or blog can be documented and tracked. If content producers register their work through Google Authorship, the writer’s work will be tracked by Google as having been authored by that writer. This means if the written work is stolen, it is easy to trace.

Top Level Points On Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

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Adwords Enhanced CampaignsOnline Marketers want to make sure they get their message to their target audience, influence them to click, and ultimately get a positive ROI. To help, Google has recently released information on its new Adwords enhanced campaigns.

Enhanced campaigns give you the ability to manage bids across devices, locations, and time of day – all from a single campaign by using bid adjustments. To benefit, it is important to understand the new rules of Adwords Enhanced Campaigns.

Today, there are more consumers using devices such as the tablet. When you separate traffic by device you have more control. Google notes, “Account management has been consolidated for tablets and desktops. ” This means you do not have to separate out computer traffic from tablet traffic.